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one purchasing manager
job requirements
1.more than 5 years experience in purchasing for industrial enterprises
2. to maximize the cost of purchasing by saving the company with the company'sinterests as the purpose of service
3. developing and auditing enterprises'purchasing units and checking their currentaccounts
4. experience of purchasing managers in mechanical industrial enterprises ispreferred
5. negotiation of salary and treatment

one network sales engineer

job requirements
1. sale and promotion of company's products through network, and responsible forthe development and maintenance of foreign market customers.
2. responsible for the operation and management of the company's online tradingplatform, the release of product information and customer maintenance
3. understanding and collecting dynamic information of peers and competing productson the network
4. channel development and business expansion through the network
5. complete sales tasks on time
6. over 3 years working experience, salary and treatment negotiable

3-d cad cartographer

job requirements
1: more than 2 years experience in 3-d cad mapping
2. mechanical processing, mechatronics and other related specialties
3. experience in design of plc braking machine is preferred.
4. negotiation of wages and benefits

senior engineers, unlimited number

job requirements
1. mechatronics related personnel, senior engineer, with more than 10 yearsof salary experience in plc machine design, excellent management ability
2. annual salary of more than 150,000 yuan
3. require full-time employment

sales director or deputy sales officer

job requirements
1.mechanical related professional background, with a solid foundation of mechanicalskills, can be familiar with grasping the basis of cad drawing, mechanical processingtechnology.
2. engaged in the sales of machined products for more than 8 years, familiar withthe sales process, with advanced sales management experience.
3. ability to travel, good at communication and public relations
4. experience in textile-related industries is preferred, with favourable treatment