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the "internet textile" development mode has three major impacts on china's textile industry.-捕鱼娱乐平台

from:未知  release time:2015/5/6 0:00:00
the "internet textile" development mode has three major impacts on china's textile industry.

    china textile industry federation learned on may 5 that as a pillar industry of china's national economy, an important livelihood industry and an industry with obvious international competitive advantages, china's textile industry is committed to transforming from "big" to "big and strong", seeking to achieve breakthroughs in some areas and lead the world. the development mode of "internet textile" has three major impacts on china's textile industry.

    industry experts say that in order to speed up the transformation from a big manufacturing nation to a manufacturing power, china is vigorously promoting the "internet " action plan. the core of "internet " is to use the internet as the driving force of innovation, so as to achieve strong integration and scalability.

    according to introduction, the impact of the "internet textile" development mode on china's textile industry is first of all, "internet textile" creates new industrial ecology and promotes the transformation of the textile industry. from the perspective of industrial form, the integration of internet and textile and apparel industry has been accelerated, internet technology has been deeply applied to every link of textile and apparel industry chain, and intelligent manufacturing has been accelerated; from the perspective of innovation mode, the carrier of innovation has changed from single enterprise to multi-disciplinary and multi-agent innovation network; from the perspective of organizational form, the characteristics of small-scale, intelligent and specialized production of textile and apparel enterprises have become increasingly prominent. 。

    secondly, "internet textile" creates new opportunities to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of textile enterprises. the "internet textile" in the industrial chain mainly covers five parts: the networking of r & d design, the automation and intellectualization of the production process, the digitalization of the management process, the electronic marketing links, and the modernization of logistics. through the two deep integration, internet technology is applied to all aspects of the production and operation of textile and garment enterprises, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises. in the future, china's textile and apparel industry will not be a manufacturing industry with large-scale production, large-scale production and large-scale projects, but a new manufacturing form to meet customer needs, or even innovate customer needs.

    finally, "internet textile" creates new thinking and promotes enterprise's innovation ability. "internet textile" enables enterprises to rapidly improve their ability to meet challenges, expand markets and meet consumer demand.

    the responsible person of china textile industry federation emphasized that intelligent manufacturing has become the trend of global manufacturing industry, and is also the main direction of china's further integration of industrialization and industrialization in the future. china's textile industry will seize the new opportunities of industrial development, accelerate integration into the "internet " action, and promote the integration of mobile internet, cloud computing, big data and internet of things with textile and garment manufacturing industry, promote healthy development of e-commerce, and guide textile and garment enterprises to further expand domestic and foreign markets by using the internet.