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the development of china's textile industry will present three characteristics in 2015-捕鱼娱乐平台

from:未知  release time:2015/3/16 0:00:00

    at present, china's textile industry has entered a new normal of slow growth. the head of china textile industry federation pointed out to reporters on the 4th that the current development has three main characteristics: slowing down the growth rate, increasing development pressure and pressing power transformation.

    in 2014, there were some new changes in china's textile industry. the market environment of the whole industry was not ideal. the economic growth of the industry slowed down steadily. the main economic growth indicators of enterprises above the scale had been reduced to single-digit growth, and the pressure of enterprises'operation was greater. in addition, china's textile and apparel imports and exports showed negative growth in the first month of 2015.

    the responsible person of china textile industry federation pointed out that all the above shows that china's textile industry has entered a new normal development.

    firstly, the growth rate of china's textile industry has slowed down and improved. as a consumer goods industry, china's textile industry is closely related to the national macroeconomic development. with the slowdown of china's economic growth, it will eventually affect the demand growth of the industry. under the new normal situation, the textile industry has entered the medium-speed growth from the high-speed growth.

    secondly, the pressure of development has increased and the differentiation has accelerated. under the new normal conditions, the overall operation and development pressure of china's textile industry has increased, and textile enterprises, regardless of size, generally feel that the difficulty of survival has increased. the reasons include the relative weakening of demand growth, the aggravation of resource and environment constraints, the rise of factor costs, the acceleration of terminal demand change with individualization and differentiation as the mainstream, and micro-market factors such as phased and structural overcapacity of some industries. the most important reason is that the original mode of production is difficult to sustain, and the new mode is still in the process of exploration and formation. therefore, under the new normal situation, the survival of the fittest spinning enterprises will intensify.

    finally, power conversion is urgent and key innovation. under the new normal situation, the core of the development of china's textile industry is to promote transformation and upgrading, change the dependence on investment-driven and factor-driven, and turn to rely on innovation of science and technology, brand, management, system, mechanism and business model to promote the development of the entire industry.

    industry experts stressed that as a necessity, the market demand for chinese textiles is still rigid, and sales growth in 2015 is expected to be the same as last year.